School Field Trips to the Farm

Are you looking to get your students outside and engaged with nature and agriculture? Field trip programs at Fernbrook Farms are the perfect way to let your students explore their natural curiosities while acquiring new knowledge.

At Fernbrook we strive to make time outside of the classroom memorable, meaningful, and relevant to your students' learning (and fun, too). We all experience awe and wonder when we discover the amazing things that happen outdoors-- at Fernbrook, your students will have the opportunity to do just that. We want your students to enjoy the magic of nature and dig in through engaging activities and inquiry.

Each field trip at Fernbrook is organized so that your students learn outdoors in small groups of 10-15. Your students will work with our seasoned environmental educators to dive deep and discover a number of topics that occur at the intersection of nature and agriculture. Programs are available for school groups as small as 10 and as large as about 120.

Below are descriptions of some of our most popular programs, but feel free to call and discuss ways we can tailor our programs to fit your classroom needs. Each of the following programs are available for students at many different grade levels. Please call our office at (609) 298-4028 or email Kim Barlieb, Director of School Programs, at for more information or to book.

Field Trip Themes

Photo: Chickens

Farm Study

Pre-K through High School

Come explore our working farm! Learn what goes into caring for our farm animals, check out our vegetable farm, get your hands dirty learning about soil with our vermicompost, and take a tractor-pulled wagon ride around the farm to learn about farm history. This program can focus on age-appropriate topics from using our senses to explore the world around us, to understanding where our food comes from, to cultivating an understanding of sustainable farming practices and their importance in modern society.

Fantastic Forests

Kindergarten through High School

Immerse yourself in the forest ecosystem! Learn about the importance of forests while identifying trees, searching for signs of forest animals, and even getting hands-on experience measuring a woodlot for timber or collecting maple sap from trees to make maple syrup. This program is available year round, with maple syrup elements available in Feb-March.

Photo: Looking in a Meadow Net


Kindergarten through High School

What is an ecosystem? Explore food webs, biodiversity, habitats, and the relationships that make our natural world so amazing. You’ll learn all about ecosystems while investigating Fernbrook’s forest, meadow, pond, and organic farm.

Watersheds & Wetlands

1st Grade through High School

Explore water at Fernbrook! Discover the importance of this natural resource for our lives and for the earth while investigating Fernbrook's pond, creek, or wetlands. You'll even get to meet some aquatic creatures! This program is available in May and June.

Photo: Looking at a Grasshopper

Plant and Animal Adaptations

1st Grade through High School

Have you ever wondered why animals or plants look the way they do? Learn about how plants, animals, & insects are adapted to live in their environments. Topics may range from sensory experiences of the world around us to genetics & selective breeding of farm animals.

Team Building

3rd Grade through High School

Teamwork is essential! Learn about and improve your students' ability to work together while completing fun challenge activities that inspire communication, cooperation, and character.

Photo: Teambuilding

Wilderness Survival

3rd Grade through High School

The outdoors can be a wild place! Learn how the Lenape people used nature to survive and how you could, too. Build a fire using primitive methods, build a survival shelter, and learn about wild edible plants that grow in the fields and forest.


3rd Grade through High School

Which way is North? Learn how to read a map, use a compass, and put your new knowledge to use while blazing through Fernbrook's own orienteering course.


Teacher Testimonials

“The groups were engaged the whole time. Learned so much! Excellent!”

"I cannot think of one way to improve upon a perfect field trip. The staff anticipated our needs and had supplies ready. Their patience with the class showed the students that the staff valued them and their opinions, questions, and sometimes rambling on. Thank you for a day well spent."

“Fernbrook Farms truly have a great program and were fabulous with the children. It was the best hands on, educational trip I have seen, experienced and truly enjoyed as well as all 40+ second graders. All children learned, participated, laughed, and had an amazing time!”

“I loved it both as a teacher and personally. I would highly recommend Fernbrook Farms.”

“Everyone at the farm was so informative and patient with our students. They had a great time and want to come back again! Feeding the animals and “getting down and dirty at the pond” were the highlights of the trip. Thanks again!”

Student Testimonials

“My favorite part of the farm was when we went in the woods and saw homes of animals.”

“I had a blast at the farm. It was soooo much fun. It made me so happy when we started to dig for worms.”

"Thank you for showing us different kinds of butterflies, for showing us how ducks adapt, for showing us different plants. I really think that was the best trip I ever went on. All of you made me feel like I was working on the farm."

“I can’t decide what was my favorite part!… I wish my whole family were with me… I also appreciate that you showed us different kinds of cabbages.”

“I hope my class can come to the farm again. When I went to the farm I felt like I was in a different world… a new fun world.”