Homeschool Programs at the Education Center

Lower Level Homeschool Program
(ages 6–11)

Photo: Exploring water currents

The Lower Level Homeschool Program is for ages 6–11 years old. Classes are split into small groups by age (ex. 6–8 years and 9–11 years). The focus is hands-on activities, exploration, games and experiments to provide students with a better understanding of nature, food, agriculture, and the environment.

Upper Level Homeschool Program
(ages 12–14)

The Upper Level Homeschool Program is an in-depth science program for students 12–14 years old. The Upper Level curriculum is designed to encourage students to think critically and apply their knowledge of ecology, the environment, and agriculture to real life situations by instilling a strong understanding of ecological concepts. Through an emphasis on experiential learning, high expectations are set as the students build sturdy science reasoning skills in their in-depth analysis of the varied ecological studies they carry out at Fernbrook Farms.

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