Problems with GPS navigation

Many GPS devices will NOT recognize our physical address. Please DO NOT use GPS unless you use the following Longitude and Latitude or Intersection:

  • N 40° 06.428′ and W 74° 40.476′
  • 40.1071333 and -74.6746
  • 40° 6′ 25″ and 74° 40′ 28″
  • Intersection of White Pine Road and Bordentown-Georgetown Road/Route 545

Fernbrook Farms is located on Route 545, Chesterfield Twp., NJ, 3 miles east of Route 206 in Bordentown.

When you get here…

The Fernbrook Farms entrance is one of three driveways at Fernbrook Farms. There are brick columns on either side of the driveway into Fernbrook with a hanging white sign that says "Fernbrook Farms".

Once you turn into Fernbrook follow the driveway across a small stream, up a slight incline and past the CSA Farm Shop on the right. Stay left at the “Y”, follow the “Parking” signs around the circle in front of the large white Inn at Fernbrook. Drive through the opening in the hedgerow and park in the grass parking lot. The entrance to the Education Center's Barnyard is at the bottom of the parking lot near the painted bulletin board. All education center programs begin here near the painted Fernbrook map.

To exit, turn right at the top of the parking lot and follow the holly bushes on the right. Stay left at the split and go past the tall water tower and stone cottage and out to the exit between stone pillars onto Route 545.