Fiddlehead Summer Day Camp (ages 6–11)

Fiddlehead Day Camp is offered weekly during the summer to children ages 6–11 to provide an enriching experience unlike any other (see Young Stewards Summer Camp for ages 12-14). Every day your children will choose from new activities to broaden their world and nurture their connections to nature, history, farm life and ecology. Adventures on our farm and in our woods will inspire and educate your children while still letting them be themselves. Experienced staff with college degrees will guide your children in structured groups of no more than ten.

Here at Fernbrook, your kids might get a little dirty; to be honest, they are going to get dirty for sure, but that’s what happens when kids are truly active and experience nature firsthand! Our goal is that each child leaves our farm with a sixth sense, a sense of appreciation of the natural world, agriculture, and healthy lifestyles.

Fun-filled Fernbrook activities might include:

  • exploring the creeks looking for water bugs and fossils
  • harvesting and eating fresh vegetables from our Children’s Garden
  • navigating the woods with a compass and map
  • crafting musical instruments from natural objects
  • making ice cream with fresh milk and fruit
  • feeding and caring for the farm animals
  • capturing grasshoppers and caterpillars in the meadow
  • starting a campfire with a bow drill
  • spinning wool from sheep
  • catching frogs at the pond
  • making volcanoes with clay from the creek
  • collecting eggs from our hen house
  • building a shelter and learning about wilderness survival
  • digging up historical artifacts and learning about NJ history
  • cooking in a solar oven
  • …wishing the day wouldn’t come to an end
Photo: Group Picture
Photo: Meadow

Fernbrook Farms Environmental Education Center offers Fiddlehead Day Camp (age 6-11) and Young Stewards Summer Camp (age 12-14) weekly for 9 weeks during the summer. Your children may join us for one week or as many weeks as you wish. Days begin at 8:30am and run until 4:00pm with extended care available before and after the camp day. Healthy snacks are provided and campers are expected to bring a nutritious lunch.

Camp is a time to experience new things, try a hand at the unexpected and make life-long friendships to cherish every summer. Register early to take full advantage of all discounts!

What Parents are Saying:

“Each day of camp holds a new and exciting adventure. It’s good, wholesome fun and learning . . . and my daughter comes home with great stories and a smiles on her face every day. The only thing that would make Fernbrook’s Summer camp better is if I could attend.”

“Our son has been going to Fernbrook for 4 years and simply loves it! He comes home filled with stories of the cool things they did or saw–catching frogs and water bugs tops the list. In fact he has a plan–he will go to Fiddlehead Camp until he can go to Young Stewards Camp and then he will be a camp instructor. Pretty big plans for a 10 year old! The staff work hard to make every year an interesting and educational experience for our son and for that we are grateful.”

“Fernbrook Farms Summer Camp is a unique opportunity to give our kids a little slice of what we had growing up, when summer seemed to be endless and carefree. There is room to explore in the fresh air and time to watch butterflies and clouds without being rushed along. It’s a place to make new friends, new adventures, and memories. The counselors are ALL amazing people that I wish my child could spend more time with. The activities are fun, wholesome, and generally leave our 9 year-old ready for deep sleep by dark. We are all looking forward to another great Fernbrook experience.”

“[My daughter] has been attending summer camp at Fernbrook for the past three summers. She enjoys the outdoors and looks forward to camp each year. The counselors are very nice and work well with the kids. I can tell she has a great time by how dirty she is when she gets home”


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